The Muses


ANDY andrew

Status: Muse
Played: The Rouge Swift Nick

Andrew Sklar is a hybrid of dolphin from the eastern tundra. See also: Andrew Sklar (v) “to sklar” to ascend one’s self to the highest state of rock.


AMY amyleigh

Status: Muse
Played: Herself/sold boots

Amy was a band-aid in another life and she hates fun and touching (prob’ly). Her primary forms of sustenance are mozzarella sticks and spoonfuls of ground coffee.


NIK Niknik

Status: Muse
Played: The Wandering Artist Basil Spooner

Nik was raised by puppies. He enjoys scritches behind his ears, having his hair played with and his back rubbed. Do not feed him.



Status: Muse
Played: Sally/herself/hawked Rat Splat and Mudball

Raven lives in a giant translucent snail shell at the bottom of the sea. She has great affection for all things small and adorable. Will dance if provoked.



Status: Artist
Played: Herself/sold boots

Rachael is made out of vintage typewriter parts . She enjoys sounds, can uncannily identify combinations of smells and compulsively steals fun colored pens.


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