About: R(arely)AQ

So…what’s all this now?

This is a series of one-shot comics, silly silly one-shot comics, (typically) about things that happened to my friends and I while we worked at the Sterling Renaissance Festival ’09.

You said this was about the Ren Faire, why are there other comics not about that?

…The faire isn’t the only place funny things happen. Plus, it’s only on weekends. We gotta have something to show for the rest of the week.

What happens when you run out of Ren Faire jokes?

I…uh…um. I’ll probably start drawing other things from my experience that make me chuckle. Maybe if I pace it right I can stretch it out so there are comics all the way till next season then I’ll NEVER RUN OUT OF IDEAS EVAH.
Though I wouldn’t mind it if the others did that Muse thing they do so well and provided me with some funny stories from their own experiences…Guys? Hey Guys? Please? C’mon?

What do you guys do outside the festival?

Um. Stuff? We have normal(ish) lives outside of faire with work and school and all that rot.

Did all these things really happen?

Yes. Yes they did, in point of fact. Most of the conversations and events are verbatim. There are a couple where they’re based off of the situation and not completely 100% accurate to the event. But the things that happened between us for real are far funnier, at least in the artist’s mind, then anything we could make up.

Hey, (insert name here) only looks kinda like that drawing!

I…it’s a comic ok?

If you’re wondering anything else e-mail us at  andwealldiddie@hotmail.com


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